Explanation of Important Matters

Please confirm the information below and apply if you understand.
if you apply the PCR Test, we will regard that you have agreed the following information.

Overview and Cautionary note of PCR Test

  • ・This test is only eligible for person who is asymptomatic for COVID-19. If there is any suspicion of symptom, please contact to the nearest Coronaviurs Consultation Center.
  • ・The test method is to collect the saliva sample of the applicant, and test them by real time PCR to see whether RNA sequence of the new coronaviurs is defected.
  • ・The accuracy of this PCR Test has met the standards, but please note that we do not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the test result at 100%.
  • ・Due to the characteristics of products and services, this PCR Test will not allow the cancelation and refunds after the application, even if you have not used the collection kit.
  • ・Our clinic will not take any responsibility for applicant's illness. If there is any anxious of the illness, we recommend to have a medical examination by your family doctor. Also, we do not take any responsibility for any damage caused by this PCR Test result.
  • ・The collection kit of the PCR Test is able to use only in Japan.
  • ・Applicant cannot choose the method of receiving the test result.
  • ・Depending on the test results, we may report to the government authorities if there was instruction, without confirmation of the applican
  • ・The result notification of the PCR Test will be reported within one day after receiving the saliva sample, but it may take several days due to unexpected reasons such as national disaster.
  • ・We do not take any guarantees if the applicant disclosure the information of this PCR Test to third parties. The certificate we issue is to proof only the process of saliva collection to delivery and to check whether the testing is correct and does not guarantee anything further.
  • ・We do not take any responsibility for accidents caused by intentional, fault, or criminal acts. Also, we do not accept any compensation for misuse or accidental swallowing.
  • ・The collection kit, specifications, and service contents, etc. of this PCR Test may change without any notice.

Revised: August 24, 2020

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