PCR Test + Negative CertificateApplication and PCR Test Procedure

Flow of PCR Test with Negative Certificate

To issue Covid-19 Negative Certificate, Online Medical Care is required.
Please make PCR Test + Online Medical Care reservation from website. At Home Covid 19 Test Collection Kit is delivered to your registered address. Please make sure collecting your saliva WHILE Online Medical Care and return it to the following address.
Test results and a negative certificate (written in both Japanese and English) will be issued by e-mail.

・For Online Medical Care, any of PC, Smartphone, Tablet is required.
・Online Medical Care is done only in Japanese.
・Do not collect your saliva in advance. Saliva collection must be done according to Doctor's remote instruction by Online Medical Care.

PCR Test + Negative Certificate for Japan domestic use

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Payment Methodcredit card/ticket(enter the code)
※Purchasing PCR multiple tickets is required
Delivery Method for PCR TestYamato delivery
Place order

Clinic will send the Covid-19 test kit

Due to the nature of issuing a negative certificate, we will ship by specifying the delivery date, so Yamato mail shipping fee of 660 JPY (Tax included) is required in addition to the PCR Test fee.

Yamato delivery

  • ・Shipping cost for the PCR Test kit: 660 JPY (Tax included)
  • ・If you apply by 16:00 (15:30 on weekends and holidays) it will be shipped on the same day.
  • ・Deliver is also available on weekends and holidays.

Prepare for Online Medical Care

GoogleDuo is required for Online Medical Care.

Online Medical Care
Appointment Date

Online Medical Care

Please collect your saliva while Online Medical Care and pack it.

Collecting Saliva and Return

Please collect your saliva in Kit container according to the medical worker's instruction.

Collecting Saliva and Return

Please pack the container and place it in the return envelope or return box included in the package.


Please put 220 yen stamps and send by regular mail.
If you are in hurry, please send it back by express mail with a 510 yen stamp put on, which includes the express mail fee.

There is more details about collection and return method in the instructions.



Result Notification

Issue a Negative Certificate

【Negative certificate for domestic use】

The results will be sent by email (PDF) along with the result notification.

【Negative certificate for overseas travel】

■Countries where original documents must be submitted:
After we send you the result notification by email, we will send you the original copy by the next day. In addition, we will send you a PDF file of the results at the same time we send you the original documents so that you can check the contents in advance.

■Countries that do not require the submission of original documents:
The result will be sent to you by email (PDF) within 2 hours after the result notification is sent to you by email.

*All negative certificates will be issued in both Japanese and English.

In case the Test result is positive

In case Test result is positive, we make a report to the public health center and please follow the public health center's instruction.

> How to apply in English