PCR TestingApplication~PCR Test Method

PCR Test flow

Purchase the At-Home Covid-19 Test Collection Kit on the website. Once your order has been placed, we will send the Covid-19 test collection kit to your home.
After your specimen is collected, send it back to us. You will receive an email notification(written only in Japanese) when your result is ready.

Application for PCR Test

Click here to apply for the test

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Payment Methodcredit card/cash on delivery/ticket(enter the code)
※Purchasing PCR multiple tickets is required
Delivery MethodMailing/Yamato delivery
Place order

Dispatch saliva collection kit

You can choose from the following shipping methods.


  • ・There is no additional charge
  • ・Ship by regular mail
  • ・If you apply by 13:00, it will be shipped on the same day.
  • ・Delivery is not available on Sundays and holidays.

Yamato delivery

  • ・Additional charge: 660 JPY (Tax included)
  • ・If you apply by 16:00 (15:30 on weekends and holidays) it will be shipped on the same day.
  • ・Deliver is also available on weekends and holidays.
  • ・In the case of cash on delivery, additional service fee of 330 JPY (Tax included) will be charged separately.

Saliva Collection

Saliva Collection.

Collect your saliva specimen with the collection device.

How to return the kit

Please pack the container and place it in the return box included in the package.


Please put 220 yen stamps and send by regular mail.
If you are in hurry, please send it back by express mail with a 510 yen stamp put on, which includes the express mail fee.

There is more details about collection and return method in the instructions.



Result Notification

The Test Result

We will email you the Test Result(Negative/Positive)Notification(written only in Japanese).

In case the Test result is positive

In case Test result is positive, we make a report to the public health center and please follow the public health center's instruction.

> How to apply in English