Quick PCR TestApplication~PCR Test Method

Quick PCR Test Flow

You can receive the saliva collection kit in as little as one hour, collect saliva, and receive the test results in as little as three hours* (Tokyo only) to the same day.
We will notify you the test result by e-mail.

You can receive your kit in either Tokyo(shibuya) and hand it over after saliva has been collected. We will send you an test result notification by e-mail after 3 hours(Tokyo only)~on that day.
※It may take more than 3 hours depending on the saliva pickup time. Please contact us for details.

【Where to pick up】
・Tokyo Shibuya Station「HACHIKO-mae Square」

Application for Quick PCR Test

Click here to apply for the test

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Available pick-up dates and times

Preferred date and time for pickup
From the same day to 2 weeks later/
【Tokyo】11:00 to 17:30
(Minimum 1 time after the day)
Payment Methodcredit card/ticket(enter the code)
※Purchasing PCR multiple tickets is required
Place order
Minimum 1 hour

Receive a saliva collection kit.

Please come to the pick-up location on the date and time you have applied for.
Our staff wearing red caps with the word "PCR" will be there to help you.

Where to pick up

Tokyo Shibuya Station
「HACHIKO-mae Square」

time of handing over

When you receive the kit, please inform our staff about the time of handing over the saliva collection.
In the case of the day, it will be until the following time.
【Tokyo】Until 18:00

Saliva Collection

Please collect saliva at your convenience.


Please do not eat, drink, brush your teeth, or gargle for about 30 minutes before saliva collection.
※Please do not drink anything other than water.


Collect your saliva specimen with the collection device.


Please pack the container and place it in the return box included in the package.

There is more details about collection and return method in the instructions.

handing over

Please return the collected saliva to our staff at the designated time.

Place of handing over

Tokyo Shibuya Station
「HACHIKO-mae Square」



on that day in
Mail Result Notification

The Test Result

We will email you the Test Result(Negative/Positive)Notification(written only in Japanese).

In case the Test result is positive

Due to the transition of Coronavirus category to class 5, we are not contacting the health care center at this time. Please stay at home. For more information, please contact your local government.

> How to apply in English