COVID-19 PCR Testing(Self-financed inspection)

COVID-19 PCR Testing  (Self-financed inspection)
We do not offer applications or saliva pickup at the Shibuya or Ginza clinics.

New applications for tickets for multiple quick and PCR tests are closed.


From "anxiety" to "safety".During these times, please do a PCR Test at your own expense.

When you spend time with your family

  • ・Family members who go to work or school.
  • ・When you worry about your grandparents and elderly family members.
  • ・When you want to take the test before visiting your grandchildren or young kids and babies.

Moving to places where people gather and other areas

  • ・When you want to check for infection before going back home.
  • ・For ceremonial gatherings i.e. graduations and funerals.
  • ・For everyday interactions with people at work, etc.

When you want to know if you are infected With Coronavirus even if you are asymptomatic

  • ・There is people who infected with Coronavirus around you etc.
  • ※If you have any symptoms, please contact the Returnee / Contact Counseling Center.

Types and costs of PCR Tests

Inspection Type Inspection details cost
PCR Test

Just collect saliva at home and send it to us. We will send you the test result (negative/positive) notification by email.

16,500JPY(Tax included)
PCR Test
+ Negative Certificate

A negative certificate will be issued by using our Online Medical Care when collecting saliva.

22,660 JPY(Tax included)
PCR inspection fee:16,500 JPY(Tax included)
Negative Certificate:5,500 JPY(Tax included)
Postage:660 JPY(Tax included)

The difference between a Test Result Notification and a Negative Test Result Certificate

【Test Result (Negative/Positive) Notification】
This is the document that notifies you of the test results of the test samples received by the clinic.
This is a test result notification of the test sample (saliva) received by the clinic, and does not guarantee or authenticate that the result is the test result of the applicant (person who took the test).

【Negative Certificate】
By collecting saliva under the supervision of a medical professional (doctor or nurse), the identity of the applicant (person to be tested) will be confirmed, and the test result of the collected test sample (saliva) will be the applicant's (person to be tested) own test result, which will serve as a certificate to prove that the applicant (person to be tested) has tested negative.

Both will be sent via email as PDF files.

New applications for tickets for multiple PCR tests ended on September 8, 2023.

PCR Test

after applying for the PCR Test on the WEB We will deliver the saliva collection kit to your home.
Please collect saliva and return it. We will inform you of the test result by e-mail.

PCR Test + Negative Certificate

To issue a negative certificate, you must use our Online Medical Care
Please apply for a PCR Test and make an appointment for an Online Medical Care. A saliva collection kit will be delivered to your registered address, so be sure to collect and return saliva while visiting the online clinic. Our Medical staff will instruct you how to collect the saliva sample.

About Test Cost

Cost of COVID-19 PCR Testing
16,500 JPY
(Tax included)
【If you need a negative certificate】Online Medical Care/Negative Certificate
+5,500 JPY
(Tax included)

※Due to the product characteristics of the saliva collection kit, cancellation after application is not accepted.


Contact us for the PCR Test

(Only from Japan)
Telephone reception 24 hours

※Press "1" according to the voice guidance


How soon will the saliva collection kit arrive?

We can deliver your PCR test kit in the shortest 1-2 days after the application.
Please note it may take a few days to ship for the areas far from Tokyo.
You can also choose postal service or Yamato delivery methods.
※If a negative test certificate is required, it will be sent only by Yamato and an additional shipping fee of 660 JPY (Tax included) will be charged.

・No additional charge
・Shipping by regular mail
・No delivery on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

【Yamato delivery】
・Additional charge:660 JPY (Tax included)
・Delivery is available on weekends and holidays too.
※If you order by 16:00 (15:30 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays), your order will be shipped the next day (or the day after for some areas).
※In the case of cash on delivery, a cash on delivery fee of 330 JPY (Tax included) will be charged.

When do I know the results of the test?

We will notify you of the returned saliva by e-mail within 24 hours of receipt at our clinic.

Is there a format for negative certificates in each country that is required for overseas travel?

The negative certificate required for overseas travel is available in an official format for major countries only.
If you need, please contact us.
For details, please see "Negative Certificates (Major Countries)".

Do you ship and inspect on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays?

Inspections and results are also available on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. (We do all correspondence such as shipment, delivery, take-up, and result notification of the kit by the normal PCR inspection.)

Do I have to use the saliva collection kit as soon as it arrives?

The saliva collection kit can be stored at home, etc. and used at your own timing. After saliva collection Please send it back to our clinic as soon as possible to perform the inspection more accurately. If you have time between saliva collection and return, please store it in your refrigerator until the shipment.

Can I take the test when I have any symptoms?

The PCR Test of our clinic is for those who are asymptomatic / asymptomatic. For more information, please contact information desk

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